Career planning

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Interviewing Skills (As interviewer)

Many people reach a crossroads in their job or career, becoming uncertain about themselves, their future and their potential. This programme, also available on a one to one coaching basis is designed to provide a holistic approach to developing your career to the next level, through clarity and planning. Personal career goal assessment. Building you-the… Read more »

Influencing others

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Learning To Sell Well

For those who are in a role that requires influencing others, where pragmatic persuasion is required, this programme will finely hone the key skills of effectively influencing others. Ideal for Managers & supervisors, it will give you the confidence to use a communication style that is designed for a high impact win-win outcome. What is… Read more »

Assertiveness skills

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Team Management

This programme is designed to assist participants to explore their current modes of communication and to help them understand, build confidence and develop a more assertive approach, leading to better more sustainable outcomes, both in the workplace and outside. 3 key modes of communication explored Assessment of your style and triggers for this Principles –… Read more »

Time and Priority Matters Programme

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Advanced Skills-builder For Sales

This programme focuses entirely on the area of managing yourself, those around you, your priorities and the time you have available to you. A very common problem in the workplace is addressed and sound tools and techniques offered in order to gain control of your day & week. Time & self-management. Time & self-awareness: Activity… Read more »

Negotiation Skills Programme (Level I or Level II)

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Negotiiation Skills

Ideal for Sample competencies and skills anyone who negotiates, trades or sells an idea, product, service or concept Rules of negotiation. Definition of good/bad negotiation. True objectives of negotiation. Negotiating styles. Assessing the counter party. Self awareness. Critical Preparation. The value proposition. 5 phases of effective negotiation. Clear, structured persuasion. Common pitfalls. Best/Worst acceptable positions…. Read more »

High Impact Communications Skills Programme

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Communication Skills

Ideal for Sample competencies and skills Anyone wishing to improve their interpersonal skills Communication styles. Verbal/Non-verbal communication. Powerful techniques. Questioning, Listening, Presenting techniques. Communication styles. Modes of communication. Effective and non effective communication. Barriers to effective communication. Body Language/Mirroring. Self-awareness. Questioning, Listening, Presenting techniques. Assertive Communication. Making and refusing requests. Powerful techniques.

Front Line Staff Management Programme

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Supervisory Management

Ideal for Learned competencies and skills Newly appointed supervisors. Existing supervisor refresher. Team Leaders. First Line Managers with small teams. Role definition and clarity. Qualities of superior supervisors. Activity, Task and Resource management. Objective setting and Performance review Delegation and Empowerment. Communication skills/techniques. Effective meetings. Managing time effectively. Dealing with situations of conflict. Effective facilitation… Read more »

Telephone Techniques Training

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Telephone Excellence Outbound

Ideal for Learned competencies and skills Receptionists. PA’s. Customer Service advisors. Call centre staff. Reservations staff. Pre Sales staff. Sales staff. Lead qualifiers. Telemarketers. The telephone toolbox. Understanding verbal v non-verbal communication. Psychology on the phone. Voice, tone, intonation, control. Telephone etiquette. Questioning, clarifying, summarising. Language – become a wordsmith. Spotting key signals early (e.g…. Read more »

PeopleFirst Study Skills Excellence

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Study Skills

By attending our series of WEBINARS, students will develop greater effectiveness. Our focus is on giving the student the 4 “Cs”: Our aim is to ensure students acquire: A clear focus on their study goals/objectives for their exams Tools that can deliver a best practice approach to managing workload & study priorities An effective personalised weekly… Read more »