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Outsourced Consulting Services

Problem (Business or staff) Recommended Solution Benefit (to staff and business)
Lack of Sales Management structure Employ our outsourced sales Management function to suit your needs Ensures the sales function is working at optimum capacity without tying up internal resources or costs
A particular project  in the business does not have the necessary resources to deliver Avail of our interim project management expertise for an agreed timeframe Project is facilitated and implemented and does not tie up extra internal resources
Clear gaps in staff skills, competencies and ability to carry out their role effectively Complete a full audit  & training needs analysis of key staff in the business Enables the business to put together a robust professional development & training plan for these staff
Identified inefficiencies in the sales process of the business Step by step audit from client query through to product/service delivery Inefficiencies identified and a clear, efficient & cost effective process implemented
New staff required and lack of in-house expertise Interim selection, interview and recruitment service Ensures the business hires the best people for the job at minimal cost
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