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By attending our series of WEBINARS, students will develop greater effectiveness. Our focus is on giving the student the 4 “Cs”:


Our aim is to ensure students acquire:

  • A clear focus on their study goals/objectives for their exams
  • Tools that can deliver a best practice approach to managing workload & study priorities
  • An effective personalised weekly & daily subject study planner in addition to a curriculum completion tracker
  • Skills where students can learn to maximise reading & note-taking efforts, aiding better memory retention & information recall at exam time
  • Assistance on exam question preparation


April 2020 Testimonials:

Brian O’N-Parent: “They both benefitted from the program and Brian’s significant experience in training & coaching. Brian’s ability to help students and challenge them to overcome any self-limiting beliefs is so valuable. He helps them fulfill their potential through giving them plans, processes & tools to optimise their learning & revising. This is far superior than anything their school can offer”

Aoibhe O’N-Student: “I found Brian’s help extremely beneficial, very personal & tailored. He taught me simple, easy to follow steps & I have found this to be crucial for me in such a stressful time, as many other students would understand”


Marie B-Parent: “Brian was a pleasure to deal with from our first contact, prompt and accessible. Following my son’s consultation with Brian, he felt invigorated, focused and far more structured than he had been, taking his study approach more seriously and seems more confident in that regard”

David B-Student: “Brian quickly put me at ease. We created a study plan that would help me maximise my points. The weekly and daily timetable helped ease my worries regarding my time management. I now find the use of my time more effective when I sit down to study. I have a clearer focus on what I’m doing, giving appropriate time to appropriate subjects. I have a great bank of notes for revision & continue to use the study methods Brian gave me”


Simon D-Parent: “As a parent it was very reassuring to see how Josh reacted following Brian’s program. In terms of attitude and organisation he seemed more clued in, as he now had a robust study plan. He also relaxed a bit more about the whole daunting task ahead and is definitely more confident in himself”

Josh D-Student: “Brian’s session was very helpful for me to set goals for my specific study pattern. It gave me great foundations to work with. The biggest thing for me was it helped me realise that the points target I am trying to get was truly achievable”


Ann A-Parent: “Brian Waldron has an amazing balance between motivating the student and diffusing the monumental stress the leaving Cert can cause. So much was achieved with my son. Brian was able to bridge the delicate gap of the parent and student relationship. I would petition to have Brian introduced as a compulsory module in the LC! I genuinely wish I had been introduced to Brian before my other children had taken their LC exam”



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