Study Skills Webinars – Unlock Your Potential – Only €190 (early bird)

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We are proud to be recommencing our series of study skills programmes by webinar

(also available on-site/face to face by arrangement)

Students must navigate independent learning, time management, self-motivation and the resilience to handle the potential & sometimes significant additional stresses created during exam years.

Our extremely successful webinars have been specifically designed for Leaving Cert and Junior Cert students to offer them the skills, techniques and tools they will need to unlock their potential and to prepare well for their examinations in 2023.

This Webinar Series offers Students:

  • A clear focus on their study goals/objectives for their exams
  • Tools that can deliver a best practice approach to managing workload & study priorities
  • An effective personalised weekly & daily subject study planner in addition to a curriculum completion tracker
  • Skills where students can learn to maximise reading & note-taking efforts, aiding better memory retention & information recall at exam time
  • Assistance on exam question preparation
  • Effective techniques for managing anxiety and stress
  • Access to one-to-one personalised advice and guidance for any concerns around preparing for the Leaving/Junior Certificate